BRIDGEPORT, CONN. (October 16, 2012) – Dunking the boss can be a charitable act, especially when it helps raise funds for a great cause. That was the goal behind Viking Construction’s recent “dunk tank” fundraiser for the Inspirica homeless shelter in Darien. Employees and guests raised more than $2,700 in exchange for the chance to soak managers and supervisors without payback. Pictured here are Anthony Gaglio, Sr., Viking president and CEO, and Anthony Gaglio, Jr., Viking project manager, (far right) who delivered the donation to Inspirica CEO Jason T. Shaplen (on left). Inspirca, formerly St. Luke’s LifeWorks, assists individuals and families who are affected by homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness, so they can learn how to make their lives work better. They can be found online at