Viking Construction will issue an Invitation to Bid via the website to potential subcontractors and vendors. Viking Construction expects those vendors to follow the company’s guidelines when preparing a proposal for the work.

Viking Bidding Guidelines:

  1. Upon receipt of the Invitation to Bid, please respond via your account to insure the following:
    • If Accepting the Invitation, the vendor will receive all future addenda.
    • If Declining the Invitation, the vendor will not receive any further further correspondence about the project.
    • A non-response, may result in additional ITB notices
  2. All bidding vendors (subcontractors, suppliers, & manufacturers) must obtain the following documents:
    • Specifications:
      • VIKING STANDARD which includes:
        1. Viking Standard Instructions (typically 1 page)
        2. Div 0 and 1 of the Project Manual
      • Specification in Div 2-16 that are directly relevant to their trade
    • Drawings:
      • Drawing Groups that are directly are directly relevant to their trade
        1. For small projects, a complete set of drawings is available
        2. For larger projects, drawings are grouped as follows:
          • Complete set of drawings including MEP (typically for MEP trades)
          • Site Drawings
          • Architectural Drawings
          • Structural Drawings
  3. All correspondence and RFI must be submitted by email to the Project Estimator. Do not contact the Owner, Architect, or any other Consultant listed on the documents.
  4. The vendor’s base bid proposal shall only be based on the Plans, Specs, and Addenda issued for the project. Bidder shall acknowledge all Addendum numbers received on their proposal. All bid proposals must be complete in every respect including a response to all required Unit Prices, Alternates and cost trade breakdowns when so required, and must clearly identify whether material, labor or both are included in the proposal.
  5. Any deviation from the project documents must be clearly identified as the Voluntary Alternate and shall not be part of the vendor’s base bid to Viking.
  6. All bids must be submitted via fax at 203-406-2167 or by email to the project estimator.
  7. For Project Documents and Addenda please refer to the Documents Downloads section.