About Us


Never settle for mediocrity. It sounds simple enough, but time and time again, so many organizations fail to measure up. At Viking Construction, this philosophy permeates everything we do.

The difference shows: in a growing portfolio of thoughtfully-executed projects, motivated employees and satisfied clients. Founded in 1991 on this seemingly simple – yet surprisingly complex – credo, Viking Construction has built its reputation through superior customer service and execution of the highest standards in the industry.

Originally we performed the duties of a true general contractor, specializing in the construction of commercial and industrial projects as well as many government sponsored affordable housing projects. As needed, Viking Construction can comfortably suit the role of a construction manager to coordinate and supervise a wide variety of projects while overseeing specialized contractors and other personnel.

We have been able to consistently deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our ability to self-perform many aspects of the construction process delivers value to our clients and sets us apart from other contractors.

At Viking Construction, Inc., we believe John Donne’s words apply to business as well as people: “No business is an island; every business is a piece of the community.”

We take this view seriously – and know we are only as strong as the communities where we live and work. We want the places where we do business and the people who live and work here to be strong, productive and happy. That is why we support our local community so eagerly, on so many different levels.

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“Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”
– Sir Henry Royce


Integrity does not exist in a vacuum – it is modeled at the leadership level with insistence on the highest standards and a customer-oriented focus. It is demonstrated every day by every employee on our team. Our experienced architects, engineers, project managers and superintendents guide our clients through each step of the project, becoming trusted partners in bringing a shared vision to completion.

Our team is lead by Anthony Gaglio Sr., who brings more than 40 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all types of construction projects. His personal involvement and hands-on leadership style contribute to the successful completion of every project. In addition to building projects, Mr. Gaglio builds relationships. He has built a thriving company as a result.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Viking Construction was established on a foundation of a family business with roots stretching back nearly a century.

Anthony Gaglio brought an appreciation for quality and old-world craftsmanship when he started with the company at its inception in 1991. With a diverse staff, Viking built its reputation over the years as a well-rounded and stable firm capable of tackling any project.

Sound financial management, combined with implementation of the industry’s best practices has contributed to solid growth over the years. A varied range of award-winning projects have been added to the Viking portfolio, including historic renovations, wastewater treatment facilities, pharmaceutical plants, churches, schools, assisted living facilities, office buildings, industrial manufacturing plants and large-scale affordable housing projects throughout the states of Connecticut and New York.

Although the volume of the company has dramatically increased over the years many of the original staff are still with us today, a testament to loyalty that is hard to find in the construction

industry. Viking stayed the course in its mission to self-perform trades under one roof, where other firms normally contract out these integral services. We believe this provides a level of personal involvement, quality control and hands-on management that contribute to the successful completion of every project. Consistent and comprehensive safety programs keep us abreast with the latest innovations and protect our most valuable asset – our people.

Viking is a leader in the construction field on many fronts, and a responsive community partner. A merit-based open shop, we are a member of the Connecticut Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, helping to improve industry regulations and standards. Our philanthropic initiatives support programs for disadvantaged families and people who are at risk for homelessness, providing training and resources to help them become self-sufficient.

As we look to the future, we are optimistic that we will continue to be successful, and will guide the next generation of our family into the business.


An unsafe environment can undermine everything a company sets out to do – impacting every aspect of your business, from employee morale, to bottom line profitability, to your firm’s reputation. There is just no good reason to work in an unsafe environment – it is a risk that we at Viking Construction simply will not take.

We have developed a comprehensive safety manual, created in conjunction with a leading safety consultant, which is used as a guide for every Viking Construction work site. This is combined with extensive training programs, to reduce hazards and increase knowledge of best practices in safety management. Topics include:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Code of Safe Work Practices
  • Role / Responsibilities of Safety Officer
  • Employee Health Services
  • Biological Hazards Management
  • Safety Training
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Violence Prevention
  • Fire, Electrical and Chemical Safety
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Protective Equipment Requirements
  • Environmental Safety
  • Off-Site Safety
  • Confined Space Training
  • Traffic and Motor Vehicle Operations
  • Gases and Pressure Safety
  • Ergonomics and Cumulative Trauma
  • Carcinogens
  • Hazards Communications
  • Excavations and Trenching Safety
  • Ladders, Scaffolding and Fall
  • Prevention
  • Access Control