Sustainability is the capacity to endure.

Sustainability construction refers to a building process that is environmentally friendly and is resource-efficient though out a buildings life cycle. From design to construction through operations and maintenance, sustainability construction can really help greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Viking Construction, Inc believes in sustainability construction because of the environmental benefits it has.

Whether working under the LEED or Green Globe system or simply collaborating with the design team to develop more efficient building practices, Viking is experienced and believes each project should incorporate green practices and sustainable components. Viking Construction is a leader in this area having completed the first LEED Certified School in Stamford, CT. We employee and strive to educate our large team of LEED APs that filter down from the Estimating Department to the Project Managers and Superintendents.

With Viking Constructions commitment to the sustainable and green construction we have taken another step on our job sites by incorporating green practices at its headquarters and branch offices. Viking Construction, Inc was the first General Contractor to be awarded by the CT ABC as a Certified Green Contractor for its continued effort of reducing our carbon footprint.